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_is an audio-visual installation that represents a dichotomy in space, where the sound draws nearer and the mysterious crepuscular rays follow you into the dark space of one cube.
The Studio uses pulsing non-rhythmic sound, flashing light, electrical or magnetic fields, to alter the frequency of the viewer's brainwaves. The effect is amplifying neural noise in order to look for the missing visual signals. The noise is interpreted in the higher visual cortex and can induce deep states of relaxation/ - anxiety, concentration/ - loss and altered states of consciousness, which have been compared to those obtained from meditation and shamanic exploration. It is above Auditory Visual Stimulation and it's applied to disrupt the chaos and to induce brainwave synchronization and entrainment.
Installation by Angela Stefanovska & Ema Velkovska
Sound design by Saso Puckovski
The installation took place as a part of Paratissima Skopje (International contemporary art fair)
Special Thanks_ Dragoljub Trajkovski and PROTOTIP Skopje