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KOTA :: Urban center for creativity and sustanibility 
_worm composting involves the breakdown of organic waste via the joint action of worms and microorganisms into natural fertilizer. The procedure of composting is a fundamental element in producing natural gardening and food production.In order to introduce this awareness in Macedonia, the idea of a creative place for composting and urban gardening has been developed. The goal is to sensitize people and give them educational information about the process and also about how to row vegetables in the city.
At this open space parties and concerts can be organized as well as workshops and exhibitions, it is an attractive place for enjoyment. At the same time people getting attracted by using a worm box at home. The creation and distribution of worm boxes is the commercial part of the association and contributes to its financing.

Kota is a public space, situated on a rooftop in the centre of Skopje. Here, people can come together for events, inspiring happenings and to exchange and develop ideas by learning from each other.
The overall concept for this creative site is based on a worm town. By forming a community around the process of fertilization people will build up the awareness for a sustainable way of life, have fun, learn and share their knowledge in a creative environment.



Worm Town

The worm town provides the breeding ground for all events, communication and exchange helding place at the rooftop. The character of the location is defined through the worm town installation. The presence is an inspiration and an information source by handling with bio waste recycling and the food cycle in general.


The starting point of this project is the urban households organic waste, which can be reused through composting. The worms are the most important component of this circulation, because only of their aid the organic waste is transformed into fertile soil. The circulation is to be shown consciously by the worm town to the publicity.
For the constantly and smooth running of the process the community has to take care of it. In addition the community carries the philosophy of the place outwards.

The Community

The community is the „motor“ of the circulation and keeps it moving. Concrete, it is taking care for the collection point of organic waste, which is handed over or accumulated at the place itself. Furthermore the community farms the wormboxes and plants vegetables and fruits with the own soil. The community’s grown know-how, will be given further to new members and interested people. In this way, awareness for organic waste composting and the food cycle in general will be built up.

Ema Velkovska; Asja Mucha; Manuel Fischer; Lea Hofer; Angela Laboska; Anastasija Cikarska; Simona Peovska; Rebecca Breitenstein; Nenad Simonovski; Aleksandra Aleksova; Trajanka Mickovska; Manuela Zellweger

Supported by Swiss Embassy Skopje, Increasing Market Employability Programme, Skills Development Specialist IME Programme, Industries Sector Facilitator IME Programme
Financed by Mercator Foundation (Switzerland)