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The connection that Ema Velkovska makes, between the digital world and the Greek mythology goddess Eris, is very keen. Since Eris is the goddess of conflicts and troubles, reminiscing the myth of the apple of strife that led to the famous Trojan war, the digital world, especially the social media world, can easily resemble this story. Eris is a virtual exhibition about the new realities, the new living conditions, and the people of today. In her own words, Ema explains that life with technology is at an intersection with chaos. She adds that chaos is widely accepted as a negative state, yet, at the same time, it is a natural state of being that keeps us alive or gives us the strength to survive and transform.

At the exhibition, the visitor is welcome to experience this confusion as a walk into an apartment - a server with too much information from virtual forms and textures, accompanied by sounds and a female voice.

TEAM Artist: Ema Velkovska | 3D designer: Borko Hadjievski | Curator: Ilija Prokopiev | Programmer: Milan Nasevikj | Coordinator: Marija Hristova | Music: Saso Puckovski / Noitu | Story: Kalija Kiselicki | Special thanks to Emilija Vidovic, Nebojsa Vasovic and Igor Pacemski