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made for @Maja Stojkovska


The global changes caused by the pandemics create new circumstances every day. Mental balance and flexibility are essential for coping and dealing with these constant social metamorphoses. Wanting to preserve some integrity and continuity of our personality, we look back and search for something familiar, to remind us of who we are, or were.

For me this is my home city Skopje, from ten years ago. A city with more socialist brutalist architecture per square kilometer than any other city in the world. Since 2010, Kenzo Tange's modernist vision of the city is being consumed by a Disneyland-esque costly and controversial "upgrade" of fake-old, pseudo-classical architecture and the world known brutalist face of Skopje is shamelessly covered under the façades of antiquization.

The memory of the city that is disappearing is my refuge, a familiar place where I feel safe and calm. In my creations I have been projecting this fading face of the city in the microcosmos of a piece of jewellery. In the spirit of the brutalists, I'm utilizing used objects, raw, discarded electronic waste.